Earnings – No Show

Just arrived in NYC. Always nice to return.

As expected, eBay is not breaking out numbers in its earnings release (although I haven’t yet listened to the call, so I don’t know if there’s more to learn).

I believe that if was a huge success story and outperforming expectations that we’d see the numbers. As is, with Shopzilla kickin’ ass for Scripps and PriceGrabber producing incredible margins, I think eBay might be embarrassed to release any financials.

The official company line will most likely be that is just a small operating unit, and that eBay does not break out numbers for all its businesses…but eBay did break out the numbers for Skype ($24.8m since the acquisition or a run rate of about $116m) and has stronger revenue than that.

I’ll listen to the call and contact Hopefully I’ll be able to share a bit more information.

2 Responses to Earnings – No Show

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Scott,

    I listened in on the eBay conference call this evening and did not hear them break out any numbers or forecast estimates for What was interesting at the end of the call was that eBay has NO plans to integrate both eBay or eBay Express into for at least another two years.

  2. Wondering if any major earnings numbers are coming out this year.

    We were also trying to find some year-on-year data about percentage breakup of e-commerce spending, like:

    * Total Spend
    * % (of total) via direct (web site) sales
    * % via affiliate sales
    * % via comparison / shopping engines

    Any links to such information will be highly appreciated.

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