Bringing Shopping Closer to Home

Considering my disdain for the way many downloadable apps disrupt the browsing experience…I mean display information, buySAFE Shopping was smart to preface a recent email to me: ‘I know you’re not a big fan of downloadable toolbars, so I thought you’d find this implementation interesting.’

To the PR rep who contacted me this morning with a general email telling me about an ‘intelligent’ new travel/shopping toolbar which ‘will help consumers access the best information to both retail products and travel offers even when they’re not thinking about it’ maybe you should read my Clippy and Pronto posts.

buySAFE Shopping recently introduced a module for Google Personalized Home. While I have my Yahoo! and Google toolbars (and thus have quick and easy access to Yahoo! Shopping and Froogle), it’s nice to see buySAFE taking the initiative to move one step closer to the consumer. In this respect, the module is very much like AOL’s ShoppingBuddy powered by Shopzilla…again, giving the consumer immediate access to shopping comparison engine listings.

buySAFE shopping on Google Personalized Home

If you’re a Google Personalized Home user, you can add the buySAFE content module by clicking on ‘Add Content’ and providing this URL:

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