Pricefish Announces FishClips

Pricefish offers FishClips

I wish I had time to look at the smaller shopping comparison engines in depth because I think I’d find some innovative offerings.

Like this:

Pricefish is now offering FishClips to all merchants. FishClips are audio files which merchants can create and then display next to their listings. Some examples can be found on this Sony Cyber-shot product page (scroll down and look for the headphones icon). The clips on this page include general store information highlighting benefits like security, service, and selection. However, merchants can actually create separate FishClips for every product.

As Mark Dresner, President of Pricefish explained, “in a sea of sameness, anything merchants can do to differentiate themselves can increase conversion rate. We have several merchants using [FishClips] on a global basis, but the way we set it up, they can have a different mp3 for every listing. Think of how this applies to apparel and jewelry; merchants can produce a 10-15 second commercial for each product and have a better chance to convert.”

The press release says that FishClips is the “first in a planned series of multi-media offerings. believes that this new feature will deliver increased sales for online retailers and create an enriched and rewarding experience for shoppers.” In other words, expect further FishClips in the form of videos such as those found on CNET.

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