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ShopWiki is almost ready to launch. The site claims to crawl “more than 120,000 stores” which, if true, would make it one of the most comprehensive comparison shopping engines. See yesterday’s introduction to the new crawler based engines. Here’s an excerpt:

Which brings me back to Dulance and similar shopping search engines which don’t depend on merchant feeds but rather crawl the web for merchants and associated products. These shopping engines don’t impose price floors and get paid through affiliate programs or reasonable pay per click fees. Which means that these services can move past 5,000 merchants, past 50,000 merchants, and maybe past 100,000 merchants…hitting the long tail and possibly becoming an order of magnitude better than the current field of shopping comparison engines.

I’m a little late to the game on ShopWiki and don’t know much about the company, so no review yet. The name of the CEO is under wraps right now…and I haven’t looked into ShopWiki as I did RedCarpet/Pronto…but the CTO & Founder, Eliot Horowitz, sent me the following information:

We are currently in a “soft launch” phase. The site is open to the public, but we have not started our pr or marketing campaigns yet. We plan on officially launching in the middle of April.

We are crawling over 120,000 stores automatically. We are not accepting any data feeds, so everything you see on our site is crawled and extracted automatically. We have what we believe is the most advanced data extraction algorithms and can extract data correctly from any merchant. I’m sure you understand the benefits of this, but we feel this is an incredible advantage to consumers. We will never exclude sites like amazon because they don’t want to pay, nor miss the tail of smaller stores that don’t have data feeds. Some of the engines also have minimum number of offers for merchants – we don’t have anything like that. We can also present data in a much more consumer friendly way because we do not have contracts with merchants.

Besides crawling, we also have a more advanced search engine and a wiki. You can try searches like “digital camera under $300 at least 5 megapixels,” “1 horespower amplifier,” or “4 inch heels.” The Wiki is starting to reach a point where we have articles on most of the major shopping categories, and many of the not so major ones. As most wikis, anyone can create or edit articles.

More information can be found on the About Us pages of ShopWiki.

9 Responses to ShopWiki – CTO & Founder, Eliot Horowitz

  1. Vic Berggren says:

    Anyone else having problems with the Shop Wiki Crawler? That thing just kills a couple of my sites.

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    Is there anything “Wiki” about this site? I don’t see any wiki stuff at all. Also, has anyone ever done a comparison of who gets the best prices? It’s one thing to have a big crawl, it’s another to get good prices.

  3. Vic Berggren says:

    Yeah… Marks’ right. What Wiki?

  4. Susan Hoffman says:

    I found a lot of articles. Here is one that I liked

    There is also this page:

    I was able to edit articles as well. Didn’t try creating a new one, but seems like i could.

  5. A Vazzano says:

    When you do a search a list of related buying guides appears under the search box, above the results. It’s not obvious. At all.

  6. Vic Berggren says:

    ShopWiki contacted me about the spidering issues I have been having… that’s good to see.

  7. A. Vazzano says:

    Ok, so after discovering the guides, I’ve become somewhat addicted to them.

    Check out this index:

    That’s a lot of guides, and some of them are quite good. I can’t think of many sites that have this much info.

  8. Kevin says:

    Interesting model. I have a few questions though –

    1. How does ShopWiki might be making sure it has access to all the sites. For e.g. Sites like amazon or walmart might not allow their sites to be crawled… what then?

    2. If the Wikis are open to all, then isnt it open to spam as well? Or do they monitor it manually to keep it clean?

    3. I see that products are not getting grouped properly. I guess, they might / should be working on some intelligent algorithms to ID unique identifiers to group products together

    Would love to see some thoughts / feedback.

  9. spam says:

    shop wiki is nothing more than a spam scraper site on an industrial scale – no original content – grabs content from sites before Google realises which site the original content belongs to and can kill off your site by making google beleive YOU are copying from them !!!!!!!!!

    these shop wiki sites will seriously affect your ranking and traffic

    Opt out of shop wiki if you can,

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