Holiday Shopping at Google Base

Google’s been making a lot of moves to prepare for the holiday shopping season: removing Froogle from the homepage, ramping up Checkout, adding simple reporting to Google Base, adding attribute refinements to Google Base, and now it seems the company will be driving shoppers to Google Base (or put correctly, whenever a search is done for a product this holiday season, Google will show shoppers a second search box which will take them to Google Base results). This news came out of the recent PESA meeting in SF.

Danny at SearchEngineWatch just posted a nice roundup of the shift in emphasis from Froogle to Google Base.

So now’s the time to get your Google Base feed in order. If you’re looking for more information about submitting to Google Base, check out the links below. Also, if you’re a small or medium sized business without a ton of technical resources or a ton of cash, and want a simple way to get on Google Base with a solid feed, email me (‘brian at singlefeed dot com’) for an invite to SingleFeed Beta. Remember, it’s not just about submitting your products to Google Base, it’s submitting the right feed to Google Base. Data feed optimization really does make a difference. Besides SingleFeed, make sure to consider Channel Advisor, Channel Intelligence, Performics, Marchex, Mercent, RedZoneGlobal, etc.

Google Checkout Now Appearing on Froogle Results – September 12, 2006
Google Base Optimization – Why Those Attributes Matter – September 4, 2006
Google Base Reporting – August 15, 2006
Froogle No Longer on Google Homepage – August 10, 2006
Google Checkout Update – August 6, 2006
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