Become Adds Search By Color

It’s great to see companies adding cool, innovative features in the shopping space!

First it was Etsy, then it was ShopWiki, now Become has entered the search by color arena. And we had a strong release from TheFind today and expect Riya and another hot little shopping site (very stealth) to hit the web soon.

But this is a post about Become…

Become shop by color

Test it out for yourself. Do a shopping search for ‘dress‘, ‘handbag‘, or ‘seven jeans‘ and then click on a color to get started. Simple. I’ll follow up with Become soon to get the scoop on the technology behind the service…or John, if you’re reading, feel free to comment.

Official release comes out next week. Congrats on the launch, Become…and btw, the shop by color feature looks nice with your new design!

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10 Responses to Become Adds Search By Color

  1. chris says:

    Nice implementation. We are looking at doing a redesign on our site to make it more user friendly. We were trying to do it linearly which is really impossible to logically do.

    Anyway, I’m glad that this feature has caught on, as we have had the feature on our site since March 2006 and received limited interest from visitors. Things have been picking up lately, possibly due to the implementation on other sites.


  2. Vic Berggren says:

    Search by color is a brilliant idea!

    Isn’t it amazing how something so ‘right’ took so long to appear on the shopping scene?

    I’m wondering if we are seeing SingleFeed making this possible? I say that because looking over my Become Feed or the Become Sample Feed I don’t see attribute support for color… Am I missing that somewhere? So how are they getting colors?

    As a SingleFeed customer I know they support that attribute just fine. That would be very clever.

  3. Beth Kirsch says:

    There is more to visual shopping than color. These engines still are missing some key visual componets.

  4. Brian Smith says:

    Care to elaborate, Beth? 😉

  5. Brian Smith says:


    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I have nothing to do with making this possible…these companies doing color search are analyzing the images merchants submit, not just looking at the ‘color’ field in the SingleFeed.

  6. jdsboston says:

    very cool. seems like bluefly and j.crew would die for this. nice.

    aside: how is etsy doing financially anyhow? i bought the most splendorous soap dish on there and the person I gave it to as a gift was extremely happy. but i did not shop by color. sorry.😉

  7. paulobrien says:

    Works well for us in the Consumer Electronics space! ummm… gray… beige…. black…. maybe silver?

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