TheFind Launches Color (For a Cause) Search

Search for anything red on TheFind and they will donate $1 per day to Doctors Without Borders (up to $10,000 dollars).

TheFind red sweater

If you haven’t taken a look at TheFind since the launch, make sure to click through. Mouse over a product and click on the ‘closest match’ button. Nice feature. And then of course check out the new color search functionality.

thefind color search

Not sure why 2006 ended up being the year for visual search, but I love what Shopwiki, Become, Smarter, Like, and TheFind have developed.

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One Response to TheFind Launches Color (For a Cause) Search

  1. Sushant Ajmani says:

    Brian, for past more than an year I have been looking for a site which shows the best intutitive homogeneous data for the COLOR Keyword Searches and I am unable to find any one of it. Most of the ENGINES you mentioned above got failed at the following scenarios: –

    1. All the Retailing stores in the market mainatin the COLOR/FINISH data at the SKU level. Every SIZE-SKU combination creates a unique variant for that product and in order to get the best results out of it; the consumers have to pass all the possible finishes (colors) in their data feed and the ENGINES algorithm needs to be intelligent enough to create relevant variants based on SKU & PRODUCT TYPE combination. I know it would be difficult but this is the only best way to produce relevant results.

    2. Some of the retailing stores show PRODUCT LEVEL Default Image and Color to the consumers even though; those products have multiple COLOR SKUs associated to them; and because of this, CSE Engines won’t be able to show the right results to the consumers. (FEED THE RIGHT SKU LEVEL DATA AND EXPECT THE BEST RESULTS)

    3. Some of the Products have 1000s SKUs and it will not be logical to send all the SKUs in the feed but; we can always determine the BEST SELLING SKUs based on UNITS SOLD, SALES, MARGINS or HITS.

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