TheFind Gets More In Touch With Its Feminine Side

Glam Media and TheFind announced a partnership last week in which “Glam will deliver both advertising and content from its Glam Publishers Network to, while gains access to Glam Media’s valuable marketing channels including and reach to over 250 publishers in the network such as Marie Claire, Dwell, Nylon, Refinery29, SheFinds and, WeddingSolutions. Today, Glam Media reaches over eight million US unique visitors per month.”

I’m not one for regurgitating press releases, but I like that TheFind has found a niche. Odd saying that female shoppers are a niche, but the big shopping comparison engines – NexTag,, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Yahoo! Shopping, etc. – have been everything to everybody for a long time, and I’m not sure that’s an easy idea for shoppers to latch onto. Branding yourself as the biggest or most comprehensive is tough in the age of Amazon, eBay, and Google. I’d much rather hear about the best place for women to search, browse, comment, share, discover and buy.

About a year ago (I think) I told one shopping engine that their focus on technology and comprehensiveness was too much for an ordinary person to get his/her mind around. I recommended that the company go after 1 vertical (dog products, cat products, computer monitors, bbqs, spring dresses, etc.) every couple months. From there, I figured that the engine could acquire loyal users who would eventually discover that the shopping engine wasn’t a one-trick pony.

Women is obviously not really a vertical, but fashion & apparel is, and with the Glam deal – no matter what the implementation turns out to look like – TheFind is taking one high-heeled, well-accessorized, fashionable step towards staking its claim.

2 Responses to TheFind Gets More In Touch With Its Feminine Side

  1. chris says:

    Hi Brian,

    I agree that more specialized verticals are essential in the shopping space, however I don’t think TheFind is all that great.

    MSN Shopping has actually made some strides in their application. Try searching on there for “green shoes” and then try the same search on TheFind.

    I think TheFind also suffers from a lack of focus…from their FAQ:
    “We got lots of attention from both users and the press, and we decided to respond to the demand by applying the technology to all shopping categories online.”

    Apparel is a worthwhile category and I’m kinda tired of seeing half-ass approaches to it. Does anyone want to give me money?😉


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