Channel Intelligence Product Attribute Conference

As I mentioned in my Google Base Optimization post, I only think a couple companies are seriously talking about data feed optimization (DFO) and really understand the importance of product attributes. One of those companies is Channel Intelligence (the other companies being Channel Advisor and SingleFeed – yes, I’m biased).

Well, if you’re in Orlando Florida on April 26th & 27th, you might want to check out Channel Intelligence’s Product Attribute Summit. I love it. A conference just about the importance of Product Attibutes for data feeds!

One note of caution. Make sure to get detailed information about the speakers and sessions before you register (there are no speakers listed yet). Unfortunately, the last time I saw CI run a session at a conference was at eTail when they basically did a paid advertisement for their product as opposed to providing actionable information for the attendees.

One Response to Channel Intelligence Product Attribute Conference

  1. Brian Flower says:

    If only all retailers and manufactures used the barcode, (EAN) then using one international ID would all help us. The organisation in the US and EU are ensuring the total supply chain use the barcode worldwide, they are also working on GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) and The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®)

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