The Comeback

August 30, 2007

Never cry wolf. I know.

But it’s definitely about time for me to get off my lazy ass and once again dig into this industry. Been MIA a bit too long. Sorry. Lots of news about the shopping engines coming out of lots of blogs now, but hardly any critical thinking. And some people out there don’t know about giving credit where credit is due. I really hate that. This is the web, you link and give credit.

A new design is coming soon. Posting will begin right after Labor Day.

Hearst Buys Kaboodle

August 8, 2007

Get ready for a slew of social shopping deals. Hearst announced today that it acquired Kaboodle. According to one report, the price was over $30m.

Congrats to Manish and his team!

As my readers know, I’ve never fully gotten on board the social shopping train. I think there’s a ton of potential, especially for female focused social shopping sites and for social networks like FaceBook which have the social part already ‘figured out’ and can layer the shopping part on top of it. Furthermore, Jellyfish has made incredible strides towards social shopping with an entertainment/game show focus.

Read my previous coverage of Kaboodle.


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