Amazon Becomes the Largest Shopping Engine

Amazon Product Ads

Amazon sent a blast email out this morning announcing its Product Ads program.

I’ll have lots of comments on this before the end of the week, but I at least wanted to spread the news. With Amazon Product Ads, merchants can now list products on Amazon and drive consumers back to their sites as opposed to having to buy through Amazon. That’s a BIG change.

From the email

Product Ads is an advertising program designed to give customers seamless access to products available on web sites external to As a seller, you simply upload your catalog and set your cost-per-click bids. We will then display highly targeted ads for your items on select product and search pages. Customers can click over to your web site and purchase the product directly from you. Product Ads uses a cost-per-click model, and there are no monthly fees. You only pay for clicks generated by your ads. You can manage how much you spend by setting a daily budget.

11 Responses to Amazon Becomes the Largest Shopping Engine

  1. […] that Amazon is kicking its new shopping referral program, Amazon Product Ads, into high gear. Brian at Comparison Shopping Engines reports that Amazon has reached out to target online retailers with an overview of the program and its […]

  2. […] ads on Amazon linked to specific product searches. No announcement was made other than a blast e-mail to product marketers and the addition of a paragraph at the bottom of this page describing how you […]

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  4. CoreyCreed says:

    I got in earlier today. I posted some information about how it works at if you want to check it out.

  5. […] 現在Amazonはショッピング検索エンジンになる方向に動いており、「Product Ads」というプログラムを今週開始した。このプログラムでは、ウェブ小売業者は特定の商品検索にリンクしているAmazonのコスト・パー・クリック広告を買うことができる。これは商品販売業者に宛てたブラストメールと、このページの下のAmazonに広告を出す方法を説明した追加文章だけで発表された。今だけ限定のテスト(Electronics & Computers、Home & Garden、Tools、Toys、Kids & Babyのカテゴリー)ではあるものの、Product Adsは、GoogleやeBayのShopping.comといった商品検索エンジンの侵略に対する直接的な回答なのだ。 […]

  6. vic_berggren says:

    Brian, what are some of the details on the cost side of the program?

  7. […] z amerykańskich ekspertów zauważa, że wprowadzenie usługi Product Ads to pierwszy krok na drodze do przekształcenia się Amazonu w zakupową wyszukiwarkę, a nawet porównywarkę […]

  8. […] Comparison Engines: Amazon becomes the largest shopping engine […]

  9. afreydin says:

    Hey Brian,

    I’ve had about 2 months worth of experience with Amazon’s Product Ads product. The cost is a bit higher (in the electronics vertical) than other CSE’s but I expected a higher conversion rate due to great placement.
    After advertising for about 1.5 months, I have seen just 2 orders come through. Don’t think I’ll try it again unless they change how the ads are being displayed or lower their CPC’s due to poor conversion rate.

  10. […] on the story at: Tech Crunch, Comparison Engines, Redeye VC “With Product Ads, as a seller you can participate in this cost-per-click program […]

  11. fish says:

    I’ve been dealing with Amazon for quite some time now and from a publisher’s point of view having Amazon link to you is well worth the cost per click.

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