A Fresh Start

Been a while.  Yes, I’m alive.  I really appreciate the emails and support.

When I first started ComparisonEngines, I was just doing a little consulting on the side to pay the bills.  Now I’m running SingleFeed, a venture backed start up which is taking off.  Over the last 6 months, I’ve had to concentrate on strengthening the foundation of SingleFeed.  That left little time for blogging.

While I make no promises on the frequency of posts going forward, there are too many things happening in the shopping search industry not to step back into a role as Analyst.

I’ll probably play around with the style a bit.  Not sure exactly what that means.  I like Rafat’s comprehensive coverage.  I like Om’s incredible insight.  I like Arrington’s bite sized morsels.  All I know for sure is that my interest has never been in regurgitating press releases and that won’t change.

Welcome to ComparisonEngines 2.0!


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