Who needs clicks when you’ve got banner ads

All the shopping engines these days are loaded with ads – banners, buttons, and sponsorships.

And why not? If the shopping engines are getting 10-20M+ uniques per month, they should take advantage of that traffic and monetize their page views as much as possible, assuming that they are still providing a positive experience for the merchants listing products.

Shopzilla added banner ads to their pages last year and for the first time (I think), is pimping out its homepage for Walmart for back to school:

Become sent out a nice kit today discussing their sponsorship opportunities, many of which were big display media ads, but still inexpensive enough for the average merchant to take advantage of.

All the shopping engines have pushed credit card companies on the product pages and this year is no different, with PriceGrabber leading the charge with ads from Visa:

Words of caution for the average merchant interested in these sponsorships for Q4: track, track, track. And think of some of these opportunities as a branding exercise. Most of these ads are not sold on a PPC basis, but rather CPM. You might get some clicks, but I think that it’s more about getting your brand out there. This might have a side effect of boosting the click through rate (CTR) of your product listings on the shopping engines, but don’t count on it.

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