Webinar on Shopping Engine Success

April 22, 2010

Next Tuesday SingleFeed is running a Webinar on Shopping Engine Success. Register now. We’ll cover 5 straightforward tactics to improve your results on the shopping engines. Whether you’re listing on Google Merchant Center, Shopzilla, or NexTag, this Webinar will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Join us next Tuesday for Top 5 Tactics for Shopping Engine Success

Trent Scoffield

April 5, 2010

Was shocked and saddened to find out that Trent Scoffield passed away on Friday. If you’ve been in the shopping engine industry for a while, you know Trent. He was larger than life…always had a great presence. He was at Shopping.com for years. Trent and I didn’t always see eye to eye on the shopping engine industry, but I had tremendous respect for him. He was just a good guy.

For more information, see the website his family set up. There will be a memorial on Friday in Pleasanton.

Have Perfect Days – Everyday

April 5, 2010

Just got some sad news about an old acquaintance in the industry who I had a lot of respect for.

Do me a favor. Spend a little more time thinking about the big picture today. Or buy a book about laughing, loving, and dwelling in possibility.

Welcome Back and Welcome

April 1, 2010

Yes, I’ve cried wolf too many times, but you’ll notice that I’m back to regular blogging. You’ll see about 2 posts/day from me on average, so expect lots of fresh content. If there’s anything in particular you want me to investigate or cover, please let me know. Look forward to lots of comments. Let’s re-engage.

Also, welcome to the many new readers to the blog. I can tell by looking at my analytics that there are many shopping engine newbies out there. Please posts comments and engage with the community.

If you have any questions, just ask:
-ComparisonEngines related, send an email to brian at comparisonengines.com.
SingleFeed related, send an email to brian at singlefeed.com

NexTag Revamps Its Buyer Review System

April 1, 2010

First, in case you didn’t know, NexTag actually has a blog. As with everything NexTag does, it’s pretty barebones…and there have only been a couple handfuls of posts since its launch last September.

Second, NexTag is changing up its Buyer Review and Post-Sale Survery. If you haven’t logged into your NexTag account for a while…well, shame on you. But more importantly, take a look at the changes. There’s nothing revolutionary, but the customization is a nice step forward.

I need to do a series on reviews and ratings. Hmmm. Maybe in a couple weeks.


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