Ripples of Kindness – Thanks!

December 20, 2010

We did it! Thanks to everyone who supported the Donor’s Choose project. We turned the $100 from Yahoo ( into over $1000 from more than 30 donors, and more importantly, helped 24 special education students get much needed learning aids. Everyone who donated will get thank you notes from the teacher and/or students. It’s part of what I love about Donor’s Choose. You get to see the direct impact of your dollars.

Thanks again for spreading ripples of kindness!

Ripples of Kindness – Only $551 More Needed

December 16, 2010

Thanks to your support (go Dave, David, Julia, Cynthia!), we only need $551 more dollars to help a special education class of 24 3-6yr old kids get the supplies they need. This can really make a difference in their lives.

Here’s the project:
Help My Special Education Class Develop Verbal Language!

My students are a young and energetic group in an early intervention class. Their ages range from 3-6 years. All of them have special needs and are in my program to help them develop language, improve their behavior, and for some, get them ready for a more academic educational experience. All of them use visual prompts and aids to help them express their wants and needs because many do not have the expressive language skills to do so on their own.

Skip your double non-fat soy quad something today and give $5, $10, or $20. Every little bit helps!


Ripples of Kindness – I Need Your Help

December 14, 2010

Yahoo! gave me $100 for their Ripples of Kindness program (thanks Allan!). I just donated half of it to help a special needs class get some needed materials through Donor’s Choose.

I need your help to turn my $50 into an additional $911, so the class can get everything it needs. Here’s the project: Help My Special Education Class Develop Verbal Language!

I’ve asked for your help a couple times in the past, and you’ve come through with flying colors. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please consider donating a bit to help some kids learn.

Have you found ComparisonEngines a valuable resource?
Has ComparisonEngines given you an idea about how to grow your business?
Did ComparisonEngines help you in your job search?
Did ComparisonEngines help you tune your financial forecast for a company?

Thanks. And Happy Holidays!


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