See you at Internet Retailer June 5 – 8 in Chicago

May 26, 2012

I’ll be at IRCE in a couple weeks.

These days, I’m a PT Consultant with Kontagent, helping the company work with top Mobile Apps. We’ve realized that most companies don’t have great insight into user analytics (LTV, engagement, retention, in-App actions, which users monetize, etc.) for their Apps as most of the mobile analytics providers are pretty light weight and Omniture/Coremetrics/GA aren’t setup for the App world.

Kontagent is an enterprise level platform. The company has years of experience in the social/mobile gaming analytics industry. We recently started working with many leading non-gaming Apps, and we’re providing insights/intelligence those companies previously had difficulty accessing.

If you have a leading Mobile App and want to know more (or just want to catch up), contact me at brian.smith at


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